DRA-1 ABS UL 94HB Fuse Block DIN Rail Adapter

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    suitable for FB-M031PQ/ FB-M032PQ/ FB-M033PQ/ FB-M031SQ/ FB-M032SQ/ FB-M033SQ


DRA-1 ABS UL 94HB Fuse Block DIN Rail Adapter


Gerneral Product Information
Item number: DRA-1
Dimension: 80.1x21.0x7.9mm
Matieral: ABS
Color: Black
Flame Retarded: UL 94-HB
Working Termperature: 80℃
Suitable For: FB-M031PQ / FB-M031SQ


Item No.. DRA-1 DRA-2 DRA-3
Tolerance: (0.015") +/- 0.38 mm
Length L [inch] 3.153" (80.1 mm) 3.153" (80.1 mm) 3.153" (80.1 mm)
Ref. Length L1 [inch] 2.972" (75.5 mm) 2.972" (75.5 mm) 2.972" (75.5 mm)
Ref. Length L2 [inch] 1.398" (35.5 mm) 1.398" (35.5 mm) 1.398" (35.5 mm)
Height H [inch] 0.311" ( 7.9 mm) 0.311" ( 7.9 mm) 0.311" ( 7.9 mm)
Width W [inch] 0.827" (21.0 mm) 1.579" (40.1 mm) 2.346" (59.6 mm)
Pitch W1 [inch] NA 0.760" (19.3 mm) 1.520" (38.6 mm)
Body Materials ABS ABS ABS
Color Black Black Black
UL Flame Retarded Grade UL 94HB UL 94HB UL 94HB
Temperature  [oC] 80oC 80oC 80oC
For Fuse Blocks FB-M031PQ


600pcs /carton, N.W. :18.0kgs /carton


Shipping information
1. For small quantity, shipment is prefered to shipping with express by UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT or FedEx to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.
2. For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by air-shipping, sea-shipping or express. Let us know on your requirement we will try to save your budget and meet deadline.

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1.Material and color can be customized.
2.For modification, there will be surcharge.
3.Drawings on the websites are for reference only.
4.Our din rail adapters have gotten RoHS approval.
5.For more details you can visit: www.shining.com.tw

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